Il paese dei Libri

Architecture, exhibition / set design / creative direction / art direction
client: Comune di Montescaglioso (MT)

For Montescaglioso, in Basilicata, the possibility of redemption and innovation also passes through “Il Paese dei Libri”, a festival dedicated to books and the act of reading. A joyful opportunity to promote culture, new interests, ideas and changes in perspectives through good reading.

A major goal is to convey new life to the village of Montescaglioso, which, like many other realities in the center-south, is undergoing a continuous process of depopulation and cultural impoverishment.
The event becomes a collective event that encourages the active participation of citizens of the village, trying to leave a tangible mark also in the weeks following the event.

Two elements, the totem and the salotto, that configure the reading space in an ever-different way. The totem, a tall element that recalls the morphology of the bell towers and towers of the village, is made up of stackable modules that perform the function of collecting the volumes. The salotto, on the other hand, is a modular and reconfigurable seat that allows the act of reading inside the public space.

Furthermore, one of the most important squares in Montescaglioso provides a sales space where small and medium-sized publishing houses in the center-south can exhibit their novelties.