A third generation jewelry

interior design / product design / styling
client: private

Stasierowski Jewelry enters its third generation, led by Angela, a determined young woman deeply in love with her work and highly attuned to beauty, correct forms, symmetry, and coherence.

Guided by her courage, we have transformed the old jewelry store space, crowned by brick groin vaults, into an entirely new space, reorganizing its spatial layout and preserving what was worth emphasizing.

The project follows the concept of enhancing the jewel that rests on a naked body, without other garments influencing its aesthetics. Architecture here becomes the body, and the furnishings become jewelry.

The walls throughout the space have been stripped down, and the ancient vaults are illuminated in two completely different ways, just as the two aisles distribute the jewelry store’s offerings.

Clad in natural iron sheets, the old counter, once positioned lengthwise, now reassembles itself before dividing into two. On one side, it welcomes customers through a straight, frontal line, while on the other, with a more organic form, it accompanies customers alongside the old solid wood display cases, guiding them on a promenade showcasing the jewelry.

In the central nave, at the store’s entrance, a small living area serves as a break, a moment of conviviality and relaxation. The office, situated in a small room previously used as storage, features an ethereal glass desk custom-designed to fit the space.

A thread of green marble on the floor unites everything and traces the imperfect geometry of the old space, symbolizing the handmade philosophy and the acceptance of the natural imperfections of materials.