Francesca Girolami graduated with honors in Architecture at Politecnico di Milano in 2019, with a thesis selected by the Order of Architects of Milan on contemporary divided cities and the design of a place of memory in Warsaw.
After several academic experiences in Italy and abroad, she began her career in Fabio Novembre’s studio, due to which she has the opportunity to work on various projects from the product scale to the city scale, also taking care of the communication and the image the studio.

Today Francesca Girolami is a freelance architect and works with privates and companies open to new creative and spatial languages. She strongly believes in the deepness of the third dimension, the one that goes beyond pure images, for this reason architecture is present in every interior, in every object and in every design solution.

She is also co-founder of “collettivo ctrl+S”, a multidisciplinary group of architects who work in the public spaces and by which she has created installations, events and exhibitions from Northern to Southern Italy.

Interior design
Product design
Creative and Art Direction
Styling and Set design